The Rock’s possible return to the ring would be the ultimate conclusion to an enthralling Bloodline story. Jimmy and Jey may be on different sides, in the corner of either superstar.

While WWE’s overall product lacks consistency, Roman Reigns and The Usos have constantly knocked it out of the park. The drama grows each week and fans eagerly wait to see what will happen next.
Ever since Jimmy Uso returned from injury, trouble has been brewing in The Bloodline. He and Reigns seemed to be on two completely different wavelengths, with Jey caught in the middle. However, Jimmy may have finally acknowledged The Tribal Chief on tonight’s episode of SmackDown.
He posed with the Universal Champion after his dominant victory over Rey Mysterio inside Hell in a Cell. Meanwhile, his brother was nowhere to be seen. As WWE prepares for the return of live crowds next month, a couple of swerves may transpire between Roman Reigns and The Usos.
Will Jimmy Uso turn heel? What role will Jey Uso play? How will this saga end? The possibilities are endless, as we take a look at them from multiple different angles.
This list will focus on a few possible twists in the Roman Reigns-Usos Bloodline story, notwithstanding the talk of The Tribal Chief turning face.
Jey Uso’s absence from SmackDown was pretty interesting, especially considering how he stormed out last week.
Tonight’s developments leave Jey’s role in doubt. Could Jimmy have usurped his brother as Reigns’ right-hand man? The Tribal Chief was upset at his no-show, which may lead to him getting kicked out of The Bloodline.
The Usos have never been in conflict among themselves in WWE until recently. The subtle tension between them could blow up into a personal rivalry, with Jimmy betraying Jey just to appease The Tribal Chief.
Roman Reigns could manipulate Jimmy Uso into getting rid of his brother, who may be referred to as a liability. This, in turn, could lead to a retread of Jey Uso’s incredible run as a singles babyface from last fall.
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