Apollo Crews debuts new theme on WWE SmackDown – joined by Nigerian elite guards

Apollo Crews has a new look on SmackDown and he wasted no time in setting his sights on Big E. 
Just a couple of weeks after brutally assaulting the Intercontinental Champion – which led to him being taken out on a stretcher – the ‘real Apollo’ was back making big demands. 
Flanked by his imposing ‘Royal Guard’, Crews made his way down to the ring accompanied by a new entrance theme. 
He then introduced the WWE Universe to his ‘Nigerian elite guards’, claiming they have been protectors of his family’s wealth for generations.
Apollo then spoke of how his royal ancestors were the most feared and respected warriors in all of Nigeria, before refocusing on Big E.
Claiming that the Intercontinental champ tried to ‘conquer him’, Crews demanded that Big E give him a rematch for the belt and promised the titleholder would fall at his feet.
Check out the full segment from SmackDown below:
This new look for Crews will no doubt open many doors for him on the Blue Brand, starting with that title match he’s demanding against Big E. 
The Champion is expected to return to SmackDown next week after he’s recovered from Apollo’s brutal attack of a fortnight ago. 
After losing to Shinsuke Nakamura, Crews snapped and attacked Big E, unleashing a vicious steel step assault on the titleholder while his back was turned.
But will the IC Champion grant the match that Apollo so desperately wants? We’ll have to wait and find out. Should Big E accept the challenge, it could happen at Fastlane later this month. 
One SmackDown match is already confirmed for that PPV, with Roman Reigns defending the Universal Championship against Daniel Bryan. 
‘The Leader of the Yes Movement’ beat Jey Uso inside a steel cage this week to earn that opportunity and he now has the chance to shift the landscape of WrestleMania 37 at Fastlane. 
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