The new C-Class has been revealed but Mercedes-AMG has been quiet on the high-performance C 63 front. Rumour has it, the C flagship will ditch the V8 in favour of an electrified four-cylinder.

Its all but confirmed the Mercedes-AMG C 63 is ditching its famous V8 in favour of a more emissions friendly set-up of a turbocharged inline-four with an electric motor.
While that might bum some of you out, some fresh details should at least get you excited for the performance of the new M3 competitor.
According to Car Magazine, the C 63 will indeed use the turbo four from the A 45 S with the wick turned up along with an electric motor mounted on the rear axle. All in, the pair produce a total of 410kW and 800Nm, a cool 35kW/100Nm up on the outgoing model.
The next AMG C 63 is all but confirmed to ditch the V8 for a hybrid four-cylinder.
However, the added electricals come with a weight penalty. Car is claiming that the new C 63 will weigh close to 2000kg, around 245kg more than the old one. Thats a lot to shift, even with the instant torque from the e-motor.
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By putting the motor on the rear axle and using the lighter four-cylinder, AMG has given the hot sedan a 50:50 weight distribution which should result in a nicely balanced (if heavy) machine.
Mercedes-AMG will give the new performance sedan all-wheel drive and a 50:50 weight distribution.
It will also have all-wheel drive but AMG will bias the system towards the rear, probably including a RWD drift mode too.
Despite the extra weight, performance has been improved, with the 0-100kmh time down half a second to 3.5 seconds.
We should get more information in the coming months. The regular C-Class will land here in the fourth quarter of 2021.