WandaVision episode 7 is more than just a Modern Family nod, it is (just like the rest of the series) packed with plenty of Marvel Comics and MCU references. Here’s what we found…

But if it WERE the Darkhold, this incredibly powerful book would have been written by Chthon, a demon/elder god who has figured prominently in various Wanda and Agatha Harkness stories over the years. Its said that this book is what created the first vampire (hmmmm…the MCU does have a Blademovie in the works), created werewolves (surely its only a matter of time before Werewolf by Night shows up…on the upcoming Moon Knight series, perhaps), and more. If the MCU is going down a more supernatural route for some of its future installments, then the Darkhold would be a key piece of that.
But again, this looks very different than the Darkhold weve seen on these other shows.
Reed Richards…you coming or what?
Still no sign of the mysterious aerospace engineer, but does the mockumentary/sitcom tone this episode shares with The Office tease John Krasinskis arrival as Reed Richards?
Monica Rambeau

  • The official uniform Monica is wearing under her space suit looks very much like some of the outfits she has worn in various superheroic identities in the comics, including when she was Captain Marvel. Its appropriate since this episode is another big step in her superheroic origin story, and now theres no more question that shes gaining powers from her repeated trips through the Hex.
  • Its almost certainly Monicas new powers that allow her to make it through the Hex this time, and when she comes out she can see energy patterns and signatures.
  • Monica sticks the trademark Superhero Landing when shes confronting Wanda. As Deadpool will attest, its really hard on your knees. Totally impractical, but they all do it.
  • When Agnes is dragging Wanda into her house, Wanda points at Monica and the whole thing is framed like the two ladies yelling at the white cat meme. Impossible to unsee. Fun fact: the white cats real name is Smudge.

Monicas journey through The Hex pays homage to the special effects technique Robert Zemeckis used in the wormhole sequence for 1997s Contact. During the scene in question, versions of Jodie Fosters face appear to ghost out from her body, voicing her internal thoughts and memories. By the time Monica emerges from the Hex barrier, she is ok to go as a superpowered being. 
Contacts central character, Ellie Arroway, is a woman who has lost her whole family but suppresses her grief and feels all alone in the universe. Cant see a WandaVision connection here, no sir!