Piers Morgan recently called out Prince Harry and his ‘hypocritical lecturing’

Piers Morgan recently lashed out at Prince Harrys sad hypocritical lecturing.
The TV personality shed light on his thoughts in a piece for MailOnline and wrote, Prince Harry’s not happy, it’s been reported today. This revelation isn’t a massive surprise.
The ever-surly Duke of Sussex has looked thoroughly miserable for the past few years as he’s waged furious battles against everyone from the media to his own brother and father-in-law. When Harry’s not issuing angry statements or suing people, he’s hypocritically lecturing us all on things like reducing our carbon footprint while he uses private jets like taxis.
And honestly? It’s all become very tedious and rather sad. What happened to that cheery, cheeky young guy that everyone loved because he never took life too seriously? I’ve seen more cheerful funeral directors than haunted Harry in his endless grim-faced hostage videos preaching ‘equality’ from his Californian mansion.