Legendary game developer Jade Raymond is leaving as a result.

  • Google is closing its Stadia game studios after they release any near-term games.
  • Its hoping this will help Stadia survive for the long haul.
  • Well-known developer Jade Raymond is leaving Google as a result.

Google is determined to keep Stadia going, and thats leading it to make some hard choices about the games it supports. The internet giant has announced that its winding down Stadia game studios to help it focus on the cloud-based service and its growing partnerships.
The company is ending investment in Stadia Games and Entertainments exclusive titles outside of near-term planned projects. Its not certain just when the Stadia studios few exclusives will arrive, but the move will cost Google some top talent SG&E lead and well-known developer Jade Raymond (of Assassins Creed fame) is leaving the firm. Other team members will find new roles in the months ahead.
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The shutdown and changing focus will help Google shape Stadia into a long-term, sustainable business, VP Phil Harrison said. The cost of in-house development was climbing sharply, and Google decided it was better to trim those costs than hope exclusives would draw in players.
The executive stressed that little would change if youre a  subscriber. Stadia will carry on as it normally does, and youll see more games added over time. This just limits the expanding catalog to third-party titles rather than Googles own.
This doesnt necessarily mean Stadia is in dire straits. However, its evident Google is eager to trim costs and might have expected Stadia to grow quickly enough to support internal game studios. Whatever Googles hopes, that kind of growth clearly didnt happen. Youll have to choose between this and rivals like GeForce Now based on outside catalogs and the quality of the services themselves.