Planned vaccine rollout depends on supply – and that’s where doubt is creeping in

After a week of international rows, recriminations and uncertainty, plans for the vaccine rollout in European Union countries, including Ireland, have been thrown into doubt. This has put Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly in the spotlight. The row is more about what he has promised than what can be delivered the latter is a matter for EU-level negotiations.
Here are the key questions:
1. What is the impact of delayed vaccine deliveries?AstraZeneca has warned the EU it cannot meet its first quarter delivery commitments for a vaccine it developed with Oxford University. This vaccine was key to early plans to ramp up delivery in Ireland and to have 700,000 people including all the over-70s vaccinated by the end of March. The shortfall might cut the total supply in the first quarter here from 1.4 million doses to a bit above 1 million, though negotiations with the company continue.
This would mean that the end-of-March target to vaccinate all-over 70s will be missed. The Government had said older age groups over 85s and then over 80s have priority. But how the Government deals with this will depend crucially on a decision from the European Medicines Agency (EMA), due on Friday