As the UK hits 100,000 Covid-related deaths, Telegraph readers have paid tribute to their loved ones and now you can as well

‘My father was a massive Man City fan and a season ticket holder for 75 years’
As remembered by Jane Erasmus: 
My father, Ronald Michael Collins, died on May 3 in Wythenshawe Hospital just two weeks after celebrating 63 years of marriage to his wife Carrie. It was only a few weeks away from his 89th birthday. 
Dad knew that he and his wife were vulnerable and was taking social distancing seriously. He was frightened of catching the virus, one of his closest friends had already been taken by the disease just a few weeks earlier. Members of the family were not permitted into his home. Shopping and cooked food was dropped on the doorstep.
After suffering mild Covid-19 symptoms for a week, Ronald became unwell and was admitted to hospital on Tuesday, April 28. We were informed he had responded to treatment and by Thursday April 30, the doctors contacted the family to say that Ronald was medically fit. He was well enough to be discharged.  
When he was returned home by the paramedics, his daughter recalls he was literally thrown into bed and medications handed to family with no explanation. No details on caring for him. It was immediately obvious that Ronald was suffering badly with the disease  he couldnt sit up or walk unaided, he was coughing badly and had a terrible night crying out for help until the early hours.
Dad was readmitted on Friday, May 1 and no-one was allowed to visit him in hospital.
A nurse called the family home in the early hours of Sunday, May 3 to say he had taken a turn for the worse in the night and had died. 
I have so many happy family memories of my father, he was a massive Man City fan and a season ticket holder for 75 years. His passions were his football, his family, golf, cricket, music, spending time in Portugal and painting. 
Dad passed away just a few weeks after my parents 64th wedding anniversary. My mum Carrie also sadly passed away in October 2020. They are now back together in their final resting place. He was a much loved father and grandfather, well-respected (retired) business man and chartered accountant.
Dr Rudresh Pathak, 4 Sep, 1954 – 26 June 2020